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Flight Attendant Al Nexzit Consults Dubai

  • June 6, 2024
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  • Full Time
  • Dubai

Al Nexzit Consults

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  • Full-time



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Job Description:

Key Responsibilities:


1. Welcome passengers aboard the aircraft, assist with seating arrangements, and provide safety demonstrations and instructions before takeoff.

2. Conduct pre-flight safety checks, including ensuring emergency equipment is in working order and cabin is clean and properly stocked.

3. Assist passengers with stowing carry-on luggage, securing seat belts, and complying with safety regulations throughout the flight.

4. Provide exceptional customer service to passengers, addressing their needs, inquiries, and requests in a professional and courteous manner.

5. Serve food, beverages, and snacks during flight, following established protocols and catering guidelines.

6. Monitor and manage cabin atmosphere, including temperature, lighting, and noise levels, to ensure passenger comfort.

7. Respond promptly to medical emergencies, turbulence, or other in-flight incidents, following established procedures and protocols.

8. Maintain order and security on board the aircraft, enforcing safety regulations and addressing any disruptive behavior or security concerns.

9. Communicate effectively with cockpit crew and other flight attendants to coordinate tasks and ensure smooth operation of the flight.

10. Conduct post-flight inspections, assist with disembarkation, and bid farewell to passengers, ensuring a positive end to their travel experience.


1. High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or training in hospitality, customer service, or aviation is a plus.
2. Previous experience in customer service, hospitality, or related field is preferred.
3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact effectively with passengers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.
4. Friendly, approachable, and professional demeanor, with a genuine passion for providing excellent customer service.
5. Ability to remain calm, composed, and attentive in high-pressure situations and emergencies.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dubai

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